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Local DNS with two remote AC88u with bidirectional wireguard

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I have stumbled through making a mostly bidirectional wireguard VPN connection between two remote routers. and
So across those, I can address most of what I want directly.
I'd like to add local DNS entries in both locations to make things a little easier for me.
I think the related variables are
-the 'domain name' for the AC88u (can they share a domain name or will that conflict in some way?)

-the client name / host name / dns server in the DHCP setting; some seem to be answering to 'clientname.domainname' but not all, even when set as the 'host name' .
-not sure if the DNS server needs to be set- seems like both lans should default to the router which seems fine, if the router had what it needed for its lan, and for the other


So far, only a handful of clients seem to be answering by name, and only when their name is in the client name (vs host name), it seems.
So my problems are
1) get any local lan device I want to have a name that I can define in the router, and then resolve to its IP such as [devicename.domainname]
2) knowing that I have the same router in both locations, make each aware of their local devices as in 1 above, but then also, either point to the other router for its lan devices, or duplicate the entries on both sides, so that I can use the same naming conventions from both sides of the wireguard tunnel, from either lan

Thanks for any tips / advice.

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