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After installing entware, a swap file (on a usb) and various scripts (spdmerlin, yazDHCP and one other) on my AX86U all seemed to be working well. I have firmware 386.4 on this device and two nodes. I was able to access the router with both SSH Putty and the GUI interface with no problem. Hours latter I was denied access with Putty, but could get access through with the GUI interface. After rebooting the router this was problem was corrected and I could use Putty again. However today I was denied access both through the GUI interface and Putty. Before this occured I left the lan connection button on, changed the port. and hadn't changed either my username or password. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem? Also, is there any other way I could gain access without a complete reset?

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Not sure if this is the right direction, but if you changed the port #, then make sure to enter that in the correct field at the beginning when using PuTTY. You can save the login for future ease of use and name it accordingly, such as AX86U.

John Fitzgerald

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I saved the port number and put it in putty. But I'm locked out of the GUI too.

Have you cleared the browser (ctrl F5)?

Did you reboot the PC? or try resetting the network settings on the PC?
I know you said you rebooted the Router.


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Does anyone know what might be causing this problem?
Strip it down to running the basic core functions (i.e. get rid of all the scripting) as the most likely cause (IMO) is you are expecting too !uch out of your router. If you really feel the need, add 1 thing back at a time until you find the one that caused the corruption or instability. For some reason that escapes me, people feel the need to run a million memory and CPU intensive tasks on something that was not designed for the purpose.


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@zephpdx - I'm not sure from what you have said so far ... whether you change BOTH the SSH Port number [default is 22] and the Local Access LAN Port number [defaults are 80 for http and 8443 for https] ???

If you changed the LAN port number ... be sure to add it to your ip address or to http://router.asus.com:81/Main_Login.asp or https://router.asus.com:8447/Main_Login.asp

81 and 8847 are just example numbers - use the correct number/s that you used for the LAN port/s.

I have an AX86U and have never encountered the problem you are experiencing.

If that fails - maybe you inadvertently changed the LAN ip address ???
Try this link to get the Asus Discovery Tool to help you find the router's correct address - and then press the Configure option in the tool to see if that will give you access.

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