Log entry - Class 3 frame received from nonassociated station

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Since a few days I noticed numerous of the following events in the System log of my RT-AC68U:
Oct  2 06:37:36 syslog: WLCEVENTD wlceventd_proc_event(466): eth1: Deauth_ind 6A:46:CA:AA:DC:BB, status: 0, reason: Class 3 frame received from nonassociated station (7)
The MAC address is almost always the same, sometimes another and not one I recognize as a known owned device (for new devices I always add their MAC address in a list).
A manufacturer can also not be found for MAC address in those entries so it seems random MAC addresses, saying this: the iPhones we have with IOS 14 I have set to the real - non private MAC address (see this thread), this did not "fix" the events.
The MAC address is not shown in the IP lease list and not in the wireless log at the moment I check it.

Do I see it right that some outsider tries to get wireless access to the router?
Did access succeed or did access fail?
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Access was not successful, the device was a "nonassociated station". My first guess would be that it's a mobile device scanning for open hotspots.

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