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Looking for 1Gb Wan2Lan with time scheduling

Elior Zeno

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I got the RT-AC1900P, while CTF enabled I can reach my full ISP bandwidth of 1Gb/sec (100% cpu)
But when I enable time scheduling (CTF is off) I can only reach 100-300Mb/sec.

What would be a good solution for this situation ?



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An RT-AC86U? :)

I am not sure if time scheduling turns off hardware acceleration on an RT-AC86U, but that ( or the RT-AX88U ) model would be the most current ones I would expect to not disable HW acceleration with that feature enabled. :)


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What, precisely, do you mean by time scheduling? Allowing wireless and/or wired internet access during certain times only? For all clients, or just some (your kids)? You want to be as specific as possible there, as that will let us recommend a product to specifically address that need.
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On the Cisco wireless WAP581 AP you schedule however you want when comes to time. You can pick each day of the week to do something different. I don't see anything to turn off the LAN or WAN at a certain time on the router. I believe you can schedule ports with time on my layer 3 switch. It seems like I remember it. I can look for sure if it is important. So over a complete system there is time scheduling.

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