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Looking for a WON device to Power on a NAS

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New Around Here

Does anyone know if this exists?

I'm imagining a little plug device that the NAS plugs into, when it receives a WOL packet etc it allows power through to the NAS.

Not sure if that would turn it on or not though. Might have to create some sortof remote mechanical finger to press the on button. :)

I've got a Qnap-409 Pro.

I had heard that someone had setup something to WOL using text messages?

Basically i want something that will remotely allow me to turn my NAS on at any time.
I can already turn it off via the remote webpage stuff.

Can anyone suggest anything?
Is it not possible to use the WOL function of its network adapter?

You may try sending the magic packet, there several programs available for free. You need to configure the router to forward the packet to the NAS. I think it was port 7. Just do google search, also there was an article on this site.

I tried once but WOL did not work on a desktop PC.
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To my knowledge the Qnap 409 doesn't have WOL.
The 509 does.

I've performed a few searches and can't find anything about it. :(
I've already read the review on the site. And a very good review it was too. :)

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