Looking for an AX Router to replace a RT-AC56u

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Hello all,

Currently I am an owner of a RT-AC56u (with the legacy FW) and till this day, it really does its job very well.
Of course there are some disadvantages like the wifi range, not getting any updates etc.

I just updated my internet to a Gigabit connection and it feels like the Ac56u cannot keep up anymore. Additionally I want to improve my wifi range a bit (I know the Ac56u was not famous for having a very good range).

My budget is currently around 100€.
What I want: a good AX router for VR Streaming and gaming.
A router which can keep up with the Gigabit internet
Security updates and/or custom FW (afaik there are no AX routers with Openwrt?)
Fast VPN
USB is not really needed.
Need to cover around 60 square meters and around 15-20 devices max. Are connected at the same time.

My questions: Is just a gigabit LAN and WAN enough? I don't think that I will get a faster Internet connection here.
Do you have any suggestions, what I should buy?

For now I found three interesting devices, where I really don't know how they are and have no idea, if these are any good:
1. Honor Router 3 - 50 € (Huawei Chip)
2. Redmi AX6 - 75 € (Qualcomm Chip)
3. Xiaomi AX3600 - 110 € (Qualcomm Chip)

So far the Xiaomi AX3600 looks (specs wise) the most interesting and looks like people are trying to put OpenWRT on it.

What do you think? Is the Xiaomi a good buy? Are there any good alternatives?

Thanks in advance.


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There is still no AX support in OpenWRT (they don't have ath11k driver support yet). That being said, Qualcomm routinely delivers the smoothest wifi experience, and especially if you're looking to pair with something like Oculus or any other Qualcomm-based VR platform, you might as well stick with a Qualcomm-based router, as like-to-like wireless chipsets often produce better link-layer fidelity than otherwise (not always, but often).

GearBest reviews the AX6 rather favorably, so perhaps you give it a shot and see how it does.


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Personally, I stick with Qualcomm chipsets, because if later when does Openwrt officially support the routers,
then I do have an option to upgrade.

Not sure, both Xiaomi AX3600 and Redmi AX6 will deliver enough bandwidth or not in your application.
Because both routers are using 2.4GHz radio at 2:2 = 2 antenna , 2 streams.
Instead of 4:4 = 4 antenna, 4 streams like most high end AX routers.
However the plus side is both routers are using 5GHz radio at 4:4 configuration,
which is good if you have any wifi device is able to run at 5GHz.

Under AX standard, a router can have a max. of 8 streams

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