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Looking for Asus AiMesh devices to build a home Wi-Fi mesh system

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my current setup is:
1. Modem from provider
2. N100 mini PC as router (pfsense)
3. 2.5G Switch in 2 rooms

What I looking for:
- Wi-Fi mesh system for about 130m² + garden
- would be already happy with 30 Mbit/s because only for smartphone, notebook and tablet + IO devices

My problem:
- a small XD4 Plus repeater is about 60-80€
- a router with AX is almost the same price
- wifi 6e or 7 is to expensive

What I want:
- good signal or better to say stable signal
- goood coverage (maybe 3 devices)
- maybe 5-7W per device if it is possible
- one wifi network

With AiMesh I can use any Asus device since 2018?I checked on ebay and find some unreal cheap used devices but it looks like I am dumb...
For example:
2x XD4 Plus for 99€
2x XD6s Plus for 115€

Why is the XD4 so much popular than the XD6s? AX1200 vs AX5400 and for only 15€ more.

Also, when I get 2x XD4 Plus and 2x XD6S I will lose all benefit from XD6S, because of the XD4?

I also could get 3x AX88U for 300€ instead of ~250€ for much weaker small repeater.

Don't know what to do so looking for some advice.

If you already have a router that you like, why are you considering AiMesh gear at all? ASUS does not sell wireless APs, only all-in-one routers+APs. Sure, you can run them in AP-only mode, but then you're paying for hardware you don't need, and using a mode that the manufacturer doesn't care about and doesn't test too carefully.

Since you don't care about WiFi 6, look into some AC-era SMB APs, such as Cisco, Omada, TP-Link, Ubiquiti, Zyxel to name a few brands. You can get those very cheap if you don't mind buying used gear.
Looks like my english is the definition of bad or you just read the title :D

I got a modem and a router but no wifi at all. I use Asus with Merlin before and now I need wifi, only wifi, not a second router but with Asus I can get router or repeater and pair them with AiMesh. Now I look for Asus router or repeater, low power, good range and stable.

I would go with Wifi 7 but not for 400€ per router or 200€ for one repeater.
These are the range extenders that Asus is selling that are "cheaper" than a full blown router...

The price range from 50 to 100 bucks...Maybe you can get cheaper if you buy a used one on Amazon...

You can also get the ASUS-AX1800, that is 65 bucks (new): Asus-AX1800.

I agree with @tgl, in you case is better to get an Omada, TP-Link or an Asus extender instead of a full blow router, since you already have a N100 mini PC as router (pfsense).

Use an ethernet link to the extenders, from you router and you will get a stable signal with the same wifi...

In your country do I find Mercusys extenders? They are cheap and work ok if you set the ethernet backhaul...

Looks like my english is the definition of bad or you just read the title :D

The whole idea for VLAN capable router (pfSense) to non-VLAN capable APs (consumer products) doesn't sound right to me in any language. This will limit your configuration options. You may not be able to set simple isolated Guest Network with this setup. Get proper VLAN capable APs instead as suggested by @tgl above. They also have wireless mesh options and will cover your low bandwidth requirements even with shared wireless backhaul.
I can get the ROG AX6000 (box opened but new) with 2 brand new XD6S AX5400 for 200€ with shipping.
Its maybe way to much but for that price its sounds good.
Firmware mismatch with limitations again. GT-AX6000 runs Asuswrt 5.0, XD6S runs Asuswrt 4.0. Whatever is available on you main router as VLANs and Guest Network Pro stays on the main router only. Similar situation to your pfSense firewall to consumer routers with no VLAN support.
The Range of the AX6000 is so much better. Compare to my Speedport 4 and Fritzbox 7590ax it is way better.

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