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New Around Here
I am about to buy my first NAS and wanted to get some expert advice.

I have narrowed my NAS decision between three choices
1. the Buffalo Linkstation Pro,
2. the Synology DS109 and
3. the Netgear RND2150.

At first I thought I'd go with one of the "econoboxs" (1 or 2 above). Given rapid tech change I can buy one of these for half of a "Compromises" product (3 above) and in a few years I can spend the other half and probably get more with whatever is then the latest. At first I was going to buy the Linkstation. But then saw that for $15 more I get the Synology which seems to have better reviews and has a 2nd USB port.

The plan is to use one USB for printer and the 2nd for a USB 250gb external HD that my wife currently uses. Her laptop internal HD is small and so the current USB 250gb external HD is used not just for "backup" but "extended" data. The intent is to have all her backup and extended data on the NAS and then have her "extended" data on the NAS copied (sync) to the USB 250gb external HD so she can grab the external HD and go on the road.

So I was about to buy the DS109 when I saw that for only $25 more I can get the NetGear RND2150 for $255 (after mail in rebate at Newegg). The 2150 from Newegg comes with 1 500g HD, so I'd have to spend another $60 to get a 2nd 500g for 1tb raid0 or for that matter I'd now be able to do 500g raid1.

I'm considering putting a single 1tb HD in the 2150. I understand the 2150 supports a 1tb HD in each bay. Newegg says they only ship with the 500g HD included, but they say I can send the 500gb HD back and then order a 1tb HD. I could later add a 2nd 1tb HD if I want to get the additional protection of 1tb raid1.

My questions:
- what would you do?
- any advice / recommendations on my thought above?
- am I correct to assume that with any of the NASs above, I can identify certain data on the NAS (specifically my wife's "extended" data) that will be automatically synchronized to the USB connected 250gb external HD?
- Is anyone using (or can you confirm) that 1tb drives are supported in both bays of the 2150?
- Would I be crazy to try and do the 500gb for 1tb exchange with Newegg



Mr. Easy
Staff member
You can run a scheduled backup, by folder, for each of the NASes. There is no continuous sync option, but the ReadyNAS can run a backup every four hours while the others are once per day.

Any of the products will do what you need. The DS109 will be fastest of the three, then the Buffalo, then the NETGEAR.

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