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Looking for Dual band AP

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I currently have a DLink DIR-855 Dual Band Router.

The range on it is decent, but doesnt get where I would like it to go, especially on the 5Ghz band.

My whole house is wired with Cat 6, and I would like to plug in an AP on the far side of the house to help increase wireless coverage.

I am looking for a suggestion on a wireless AP that can do simultaneous 2.4Ghz/5Ghz with N support, that would pair nicely with my existing router.

I suppose I could buy a DIR-825 or something like that and disable DHCP on the second device -- but I would really like a dedicated AP if possible.

Any thoughts?


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Have you given any thought to DD-WRT www.dd-wrt.com buy a new router and run it as a WiFi relay for your main router? you cant install it on all routers but you can add a relay in not much time and on the cheap.


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Sorry, thought I answered this a few days ago. Converting a wireless router to an AP will be less expensive and give you a broader selection of products.

I don't know of any simultaneous dual-band consumer draft 11n APs.

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