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I currently have 1Gpbs (really 940Mbps) down and 30Mbps up via Spectrum. There is a second gigabit via fiber ISP coming through our town with 1Gpbs both ways. I am looking for a dual WAN router that supports gigabit on the WAN side with load balancing. Initially I plan on having the gigabit service from both ISPs. Which means this router would have to have either a 10Gbps connection to feed my network or two LAN ports that I can link together. Also, I want an appliance. I do not want to build a server with multiple interfaces and have to support it. I am tech savvy enough to configure managed switches and what not. I just do not want to have to build another server.

(I realize that I will not have 2Gbps to any one machine. I realize that 2Gbps is over kill and will probably back down the services to ~500 Mbps. I just want the option to go with dual Gigabit if I can.)

I have looked at the Unifi UDM-Pro, but it only has fail over. I like the interface, its features and it dovetails into wanting to upgrade my WiFi, but that is another story for another time.

I have looked at various ASUS products that have dual WAN and Link Aggregation. But I am really turned off by their partnership with Trend Micro and TM's privacy policy which, as I have inferred, means they can use any bit of data that passes through any of their services.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Netgate 6100 can do Multi-WAN, LAGG and 10Gbps. It runs pfSense.
Thanks. I had looked at that before but it was about double of what I wanted to spend. But then again, I know I am asking for something that is more advanced than what most home owners are looking for.

@Tech9 If I went with the Netgate 6100, what would recommend for WiFi 6 capable APs?


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This has the ability to configure each port to either WAN or LAN and then you just feed it into a switch for load balancing.

I was looking at these as an option before just building my own "router" out of a PC and putting 5GE ports into it. You get a whole lot more flexibility building your own system and can consolidate multiple devices into the same box.


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I currently run Untangle with a $150 annual subscription "Home Protect Plus" for the very useful extra "apps" which are just plugins to do extra things.
One of them is the load balancer. It works excellently and is pretty easy to configure.
I run this on a protectli appliance and it is very low tax on the resources.

I did read that with the latest release of pfsense, dual wan is fixed now so I might give it a try when my subscription runs out later this year.
That was the only reason I went away from pfsense/OPNsense.

I have a similar setup to what your discussing.
Charter internet & Gateway fiber.
The dual wan load balancing in Untangle is super stable and just works.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

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