Looking for the smartest router, wifi signal is less important

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I want to buy a 2nd router, which will provide wireless only for 1 room (will be connected via ethernet cable), so I don't need anything flashy wireless-wise.
But, I do want it to have as many features as possible:
Currently, I have a NAS (WD MyBookLive) with a transmission client installed on it.
I also have a RPi with couchpotato and sickrage installed (will make the transition to sonarr and radarr)
Ideally, the new router will have transmission, sonarr, radarr installed on it, and tranmission will download everything to the NAS (map the NAS to the router)
Plus, Ideally, the NAS mapping will be accessible via DLNA via the router.

Is there anything close to what I'm searching for?
If not, what is the closest thing I can get?


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@Alonzzo2 welcome to the forums.

What is your current router?

If you set it in AP mode or as an AiMesh node, it will extend your network seamlessly. No 'extra' functions required.


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AP mode then. Any model with enough wireless performance will work.

What types of device(s) will you connect to this new router? How many?

What are your ISP speeds and will you want to hit that with your AP to the devices you specify above?


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The new router will be connected via ethernet cables to: desktop pc, laptop.
Internet connection speed is a measly 100Mb/3Mb
Mobile phone and chromecast will be connected wirelessly. don't think there will be any issue with any router to hit 100Mb :)


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If you're not moving large files back and forth over your internal LAN (between the PC's), then even an RT-N12 D1 with 10/100 Mbps WAN and LAN ports will be 'enough' AP.

You should be able to pick a new one up from $10 to $20, depending on sales, etc. in your area.


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@Alonzzo2 If I understand you correctly, you are trying to move the applications from your WD NAS and RPi to the new router. But you also want the new router to act just as an AP to extend your wireless coverage.

If this is correct, I don't think you can get both in one package. You would want the functions to run in the primary router so that they are available to all devices in the network. When you run a router as an AP, typically any "router" functions are not available.

At any rate, routers don't run the applications you want with factory firmware. So you would need to load alternative firmware on it.


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First, thanks guys!
Second, apparently I wasn't clear enough, though some of your answers helped anyway.
My setup is:
VDSL Router in network closet -> LAN cable -> PC room -> New router.
So that means the new router, which will be in AP mode, is connected via an ethernet cable directly to the main router, the one with the internet access.
What I want is for the new router to be smart and for me to be able to install a torrent client and maybe even more linux apps onto it.
Even if that means loading a custom fw.

So my question is, which router is a 'smart' router, has lots of advanced features (I'm still not sure which features those are, that's why I'm asking here), and is future proof - yet, I don't want it to be too expensive so I'm stating that its wireless capabilities are not important since the wireless devices which will connect to this new router will be in the same room with it.


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What you're asking for doesn't exist. :)

You need to decide between the RT-AC86U, RT-AX88U, or the RT-AX86U (their 'capabilities' are evenly matched, when considering their hardware/resources, depending on the requirements your 'apps' need.

Cheap and powerful. Nope!

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