Looking for wifi 6 with good parental controls router/mesh.

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Hi All

I`ve spent few weeks trying out a few mesh networks (asus zenwifi ax and tplink ac90 deco) because i`m after some good parental controls (block websites/apps, limit time,etc) for my two kids. I had issues with both of them not being as good as my existing mesh network 3 module 4x4 MIMO 802.11ac (which has no parental controls). Currently I`m using
my cable modem running as a router which has terrible wifi and parental controls, you have to login to their own website to change anything.
The asus and tplink i tried just kept dropping connections , maybe only two modules arnt enough for my house which has solid internal walls. My current 3 module setup works well to outside into the garden.
I`m now thinking of just getting a Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) router, putting my cable modem into modem mode.

Second main issue is that all the wireless devices in my house (40+ phones, tablets, wifi cameras, house alarm, smart plugs, nest doorbell, smoke alarms, printers,etc,etc) are all over the place in connections. I have the cable modem wifi and mesh network wifi both 5ghz and 2.4ghz channels. So its not an easy task to change all my connected devices. Would a new router allow me to replace with guest networks the existing network ssid`s so i dont have to go around and reset all devices to using a new wifi network. or is this bad practice and i should reset them.

Heres my wired network map. add on about 40+ wireless devices. THanks



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I am currently running 2 eero 6 units. When I initially tried them a few weeks back, I was not impressed with the wifi management as I thought my devices were not on the node I thought they should be. I recently took my 2 RT-AC86U units offline and setup the eero units again. This time they both updated the firmware and I decided to just leave them alone. Over the past week, they have run without a hiccup and have redistributed my devices into what I consider an optimal configuration. I had read to just let them run for a few days and they will “learn” the best configuration for the network. It appears that is indeed the case. My only real issue is NO web ui and they must be managed using their app. TBH, I have gotten over my “ paranoia “ and have enjoyed my network ” just working “. I am using my phsense pc mini as a vpn client host due to lack of native vpn support on the eero units, but overall, I am very happy with the wifi performance even though I don‘t have, nor anticipate having any AX devices anytime soon. I had purchased these eeros off Amazon for $103 ea. So my investment is not too bad. I still have my 2 Asus routers in a box, still configured so if things break it will be easy to put them back in place. Oh..... BTW, the guest network is awesome and available across all nodes.
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