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Only 2x2 radios?
This is interesting for those who like gaming routers:
I presume it's in early stages now. I hope it's better than the R1.
I wonder what chip set there using...

AC1200 class... MIPS 1004K based - very similar to Netgear R6220 hardware.

SoC - MediaTek MT7621AT (880 MHz, dual core MIPS 1004K)

Radios - as someone mentioned - yes, 2*2:2
  • MT7603EN for 2.4 - N300 class
  • MT7612EN for 5 - AC867 class (Wave 1, if I recall)
For OpenWRT - this is a RAMIPS based platform, and the FOSS drivers are a bit unstable, but getting better. Many MediaTek (ex-Ralink) OEM's use the closed source vendor drivers instead.

It's an odd choice in this time and age - it's a cheap chipset, and there are others in this same class that have more functionality (for instance, Qualcomm-Atheros IPQ40xx family - which is Wave2 and it's all integrated as a single chip solution)

DumaOS - it's a fork of openwrt with some value added by NetDuma - but generally, can be replicated in OpenWRT with proper package choices - the main one would be the SQM packages with Cake configurations.
Ya, there R1 was similar in wifi, only 1x1 2.4Ghz 300Mpbs radio. You wanted to disable it and connect something better for wifi here. MicroTik Chip set. On the cheap. Seems like there HW is also. Shame they wont put more effort into the HW like they do with the SW. :oops:

There a wikidevi on the R2:
Think the case is ugly too. :confused:
I don't get the idea behind pairing a software stack highly tailored toward maximum performance, with a hardware stack that is clearly mid-range (at best) in terms of performance. That CPU will most likely struggle if you use advanced software features while on a very fast Internet connection.
They did this with there R1 router. Max SW features and performance against low level or mid level range HW. At lease with the XR series, they used good HW combined with NGs SW. I think try trying to do it on the cheap on the HW side then probably charge premium for SW features like they did with the R1. It was $200 new back then. A stretch for what the R1 HW offered.

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