low cpu, higher load

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I have an RT-AC86U running 384.15

I have noticed that my load average is around 2.2 yet my cpu usage is very low usually around 3% or 97% idle.
I usually have a lot of features turned on, VPN client/server, QoS, Bandwidth monitor, AI protection, DoH, NFS, aimesh, etc. But turning those things off does not seem to give significant help. I think I got it to around 2. I have turned nearly all (but not all) of the extras off at some point and nothing really dropped it. Memory usage is high, but uses little to no swap. It was happening on .14_2 and probably earlier. I can get the limits of my ISP's speed even through VPN (200+ul/12dl or even greater with dualWAN), so it doesn't seem to bother the performance too much, but I would like to know why.

Mem: 346848K used, 93572K free, 1940K shrd, 21276K buff, 94160K cached
CPU: 1.6% usr 5.1% sys 0.0% nic 93.1% idle 0.0% io 0.0% irq 0.0% sirq
Load average: 2.34 2.40 2.36 1/156 12585
208 2 admin SW 0 0.0 0 4.4 [bcmsw_rx]
1036 1 admin S 10644 2.4 1 0.7 httpd -i br0
3116 1 admin S 8252 1.8 0 0.4 networkmap

Any ideas on what I should check?



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I have noticed that my load average is around 2.2 yet my cpu usage is very low usually around 3% or 97% idle.

What exactly is the problem you are trying to solve? It doesn't seem like you are having any issues ... so just sit back, relax, and enjoy your router...

BTW I only use a handful of the 86U's features (QoS, DoT) and I still see load averages between 1.9 and 2.2, so I don't think it's a big deal.


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it is nice to know that everyone thinks it is fine. Often when you have a high load, low cpu there is a bottleneck, just somewhere else other than cpu, disk, swap, io or something. For some reason other than cpu busy, a process is being placed in a wait state.

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