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LTE router advice for rural internet and mimo support

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Live in a rural area with Verizon LTE coverage. I have visible as my carrier (Verizon network).

Searching for a 4G LTE router with SMA ports so I can add an additional 2x2 MIMO antenna. And with advanced settings so I can change the TTL and IMEI on the router to bypass throttle / detection issues as carriers dont like routers being used instead of the phone. 5G is not available in my area so I don't need a 5G router - LTE is plenty fast for me. The ability to change the TTL/IMEI and possibly other settings that I am not currently aware of to avoid detection by the carrier is one of the most important features required.

1. Recommended LTE routers? Currently looking at the: "Cudy AC1200 "LT500D" which is $100. You can change the TTL and I hear the IMEI as well (not 100% sure) - however ive also been suggested routers such as the: "cat16-sdx20-wi-fi-6-the-punch-qualcomm-snapdragon" from chestertechrepairs which is $250. Off the bat the snapdragon uses Wifi 6 vs Wifi 5 and has compatibility for 4x4 mimo - does this justify an extra $150? Wifi 5 speeds are plenty enough with an avg 200mbs in real world scenarios. Not sure if it provides extra benefits I dont see.

2. Any other suggestions or advice for my scenario and setting up an LTE router?


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