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connmon Making config changes invokes password manager in MacOS

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This is my 1st post, please be kind to me?
ASUS RT-AX88u pro
connmon v3.0.2
When I make changes in the configuration menus it MacOS Ventura password manager keeps offering account info to populate input fields. Only an annoyance though. Other than that I had a dumb question earlier, just like to forget about that. Thaks, now on to donate.
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Welcome to the forums @Jeff-.

I'm not sure if you're asking a question, or not. :)
Thanks for the relply first of all. I don't know if I identified a correctable behaviour or is it just a MacOS thing. I've seen it before on my bank site and they stopped it from happening. But, if it's not worth fixing because it can be ignored while using connmon, then I would say my post is just an observation.
There are password fields on the Notifications and Integrations section, so it must be detecting that.
I see now, and so it is doing just what it's supposed to do after all. Thanks, I'll just say I am so impressed with Merlin and what you folks have done with these add-ons! 👍

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