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Managed Switches and Mesh Backha

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Is there any insight as to why the Ethernet backhaul for many mesh wifi systems cannot pass through a managed switch?
I have a ZenWifi XT8, and it, along with many others, have Ethernet backhaul as an option but they must go through an unmanaged switch.

I’ve read some posts referring to it being an issue with loop detection, but I know next to nothing when it comes to networking….. if I were to get a managed switch could this issue be fixed by turning off any loop detection settings?

Alternatively, if I have the backhaul passing through a small unmanaged switch then plug a managed switch into the unmanaged switch, and all of my devices then into the managed switch, would that essentially allow me to keep my devices on a managed switch and the backhaul passing through the unmanaged switch only? (I hope that makes sense!)
Backhaul through unmanaged switch is OK.
Managed switch problem has something to do with vlan tagging I believe.

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