Manual IPTV settings stop Internet connections

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Manually set IPTV parameters will stop Internet connections

Orignally, I use RT-N16 with IPTV settings like the followings:

ISP Profile: Manual
Internet: BLANK, 0
LAN port 4: 85, 4
LAN port 3: 85, 4


Everything is OK. Now, I replace it with a new RT-AC68U router (FW:, and with the same settings in LAN->IPTV tab, I can still watch the TV but got no Internet connections except set the ISP Profile to "none". The same issue occurred when RT-N16 uses a slightly newer FW after

I searched the threads and found CL-Jeremy released a FW for RT-N66 that:

In that post, CL-Jeremy described the very same case as I meet now.
1) The VLAN field can be left blank if your ISP does not specify a tag for Internet.
2) LAN port 3 and 4 can be set for the same VLAN tag if you want IPTV through 2 ports.

What's wrong with my settings for RT-AC68U or What changes were introduced into these newer firmware lead to the unhappy issue ? How can I solve this problem ?
Any suggestions/advices ?


I have test some previous versions of RT-AC68U firmware, but did not find a usuable firmware for this case.
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Maybe errors in code..

I think code in file /rc/init.c (or the likes) which deals with dual WAN function causes the problem.

code segment like:
else if(get_dualwan_by_unit(unit) == WANS_DUALWAN_IF_WAN){
    if(nvram_get("switch_wantag") && !nvram_match("switch_wantag", "") && !nvram_match("switch_wantag", "none")){
        sprintf(wan_if, "vlan%s", nvram_safe_get("switch_wan0tagid"));
    else if(get_wans_dualwan()&WANSCAP_LAN)
#if defined(CONFIG_BCMWL5) && !defined(RTCONFIG_DUALWAN)
    if(nvram_get("switch_wantag") && !nvram_match("switch_wantag", "none")&&!nvram_match("switch_wantag", "")){
        if(!nvram_match("switch_wan0tagid", "") && !nvram_match("switch_wan0tagid", "0"))
            sprintf(wan_if, "vlan%s", nvram_safe_get("switch_wan0tagid"));
            sprintf(wan_if, "eth0");
        nvram_set("wan_ifnames", wan_if);
when we use IPTV the variable 'switch_wantag=manual' and 'switch_wan0tagid='. this will let the code set 'wan_ifnames=vlan', which does not exist.
The correct settings of wan_ifnames should be eth0.

TEST method
When set router with IPTV function, the internet connection disappear. But by changing two lines and commit like the following( don't reboot after commit):
nvram set wan0_ifname=eth0
nvram set wan_ifnames=eth0
then refresh the WAN->Internet connection tab by press button Apply without change any paras on it and the router will not go reboot, then the Internet connection will come back after several seconds, and the IPTV is also work at this time.
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I can confirm this issue. I have also internet and IPTV from my ISP, internet is "default" (i.e. works always, without VLAN tag) and IPTV requires a VLAN.

This changed with build Apparently untagged and tagged VLAN on the same port (WAN) is not possible, starting from the above mentioned FW. When IPTV VLAN is set, IPTV works, but there's no internet (WAN port does not get a DHCP IP) and when IPTV VLAN is not set, internet connectivity is fine.


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Problem solved

By hacking the code, now I solved this problem with a little change in the code of file release/src/router/rc/init.c. For RT-N16, RT-AC68U and other types, change the line :

  if(nvram_get("switch_wantag") && !nvram_match("switch_wantag", "") && !nvram_match("switch_wantag", "none") ){
if(nvram_get("switch_wantag") && !nvram_match("switch_wantag", "") && !nvram_match("switch_wantag", "none") && !nvram_match("switch_wantag", "manual")){
then both dualwan and IPTV functions OK.
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