Marvell Announces 11ax/11ac Dual WiFi SoC

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Mr. Easy
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Marvell today introduced an 802.11ax SoC with 2x2 11ax and 2x2 11ac concurrent dual Wi-Fi radios, dual-mode Bluetooth 5/Bluetooth Low Energy radios and support for 802.11p for connected vehicles.

The 88Q9098 integrages two complete Wi-Fi subsystems into a single SoC, and enabling two independent 2x2 data streams to run concurrently and at full throughput.
Other key features are support for 20/40/80 and 80+80 MHz bandwidths, "instantaneous O-DFS" and 802.11mc precision location. Not mentioned was whether the device supports WPA3 wireless security.

The release cited a use case where one Wi-Fi radio is dedicated to mobile phone projection while the other is streaming video to and from mobile/accessory devices in the car.

The 88Q9098x family of footprint compatible wireless solutions include:
• 2x2 + 2x2 Concurrent Dual Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 5 (88Q9098A)
• 2x2 Wi-Fi + 2x2 802.11p Concurrent Operation with Bluetooth 5 (88Q9098P)
• 2x2 + 2x2 Concurrent Dual Wi-Fi or 2x2 Wi-Fi + 2x2 802.11p Concurrent Operation with Bluetooth 5

The announcement did not provide pricing or availability.

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