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New Around Here
I don’t know exactly how to describe what I’m looking for in few words to search for it… I’m hoping someone here can help point me in the right direction…

I want a solution that will help me organize, find, access and maintain the “things” in my life - starting with the hardware, software and services that make up my home network - and expanding to include cloud services and accounts, home appliances, vehicles (ie drones, batteries, cars), TV’s and Projectors, stereo system, game consoles, etc.

It would be awesome to find a single software solution that can do everything I want - but if no such thing exists, then a few pieces of software that can work together to accomplish my goals would be okay to.

So here’s what I want to be able to do…. Whenever I buy a new network “thing”, I’d like to be able to create an “object” for it and store things like purchase date, make model serial, firmware version, IP address, MAC address, web ui URL, admin credentials, ssh link, etc… as well as to set dates for warrant expiry, next maintenance date, last maintained date and a running, chronological free text log of things I’ve done to it since it was added and a comments field I can store purchase price or other random info like where I bought it from. Maybe also a URL that could/would be hit to determine the device is operational.

So, so far it’s just an inventory management database I need, right? But I also want a good GUI and scheduling engine that can show me which devices I should maintain “this week” or “this month” or that are overdue for attention - and clickable links that will direct me to the admin UI for the device (or service) and remind me what credentials I need to log in with.

I’d also like to index and access all of the services on my home network (ie NAS, Home Assistant, Plex, VM’s etc) and the OS’s (and OS versions) linked to the hardware that is hosting them - for applying upgrades and security fixes. ie (OpenWRT on a router, or OpenMediaVault on Debia

This stuff was all easy to remember when I was younger and had only a half dozen devices. But now with well over 100 network devices and services, it’s getting harder and harder to remember so many different things.

Is it possible that there is an existing solution designed for exactly this? If so - what is it called? If not - what suite of software would you recommend to do some or all of this?

How does everybody else manage and maintain large home networks?

Thanks for taking the time to read this - and thank you even more if you can recommend suitable software or point me in the right direction for further searching…

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