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Hey guys. My family and I are moving to a two-story house and am planning to set up a multimedia home theater with Dolby Digital. And mount a big screen! It will be awesome!! I want to hook up 4 signal sources to 2 TV panels and control them. The 4 sources will be my old laptop (no hdmi output), Blu-ray player, cable TV, and PC (video card has HDMI). Question is: can I use hdmi matrix switchers and converters for non-hdmi signals? Do matrix switchers support multi-channel Dolby Digital audio? Thanks for the input!


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It's a good question - some other consideration are HDMI versions, along with HDCP versions, as this can be problematic...

Also bitstream passthru - this has been a problem with some HDMI switches and older AV Receivers... (bitstream support is important for features like Dolby Atmos and the like).

Might check out avsforums - lot of knowledge over there.

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