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Max RAM% allocated usage?

JT Strickland

Senior Member
My RAM is usually between 93-95%, which has crept up from about 89% over the last few months and weeks.
I read some threads where one should be concerned if there wasn't over 10% available.
My RT-AC86U has an Asusmesh node and not over 20 clients usually , and they are pretty small potatoes.
Any comments or suggestions, please?


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Just one suggestion. Stop worrying about it! :D

With all those scripts installed, you want the RAM to sit there 'free', but idle? :)

Butterfly Bones

Very Senior Member
Two things. This goes round and round. Windows users (and Microsoft) do NOT understand Linux RAM management. :rolleyes:

This is my AC86U, looks like all the RAM is being used, right?

Look at all the cached memory!
Also the second line - buffers and cache, FREE and ready for any task!
[email protected]:/tmp/home/root# free

             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:        440420     408748      31672       1260       2376      69624
-/+ buffers/cache:     336748     103672
Swap:       524284      19552     504732
More readily available to the router for use than the hardware RAM! Very cool, huh? Someone was really thinking about this! Welcome to Linux! I've run it as my main desktop computer OS for some 15-20 years. And my laptop is a Macbook, very similar OS to Linux, so drop me to a command prompt and I know my way around there too. :D

JT Strickland

Senior Member
Just one suggestion. Stop worrying about it! :D

With all those scripts installed, you want the RAM to sit there 'free', but idle? :)
I hadn't been worrying about it until I was reading your post about Router troubleshooting in 2020 and you said to be concerned if it was less than 10%, and got me to thinking, mine hasn't been 10% free in a while, so maybe I had a problem.
I did understand much of it was allocated RAM and not used RAM, hence the title of the thread, but that's about all I understand about it. I'm just trying to stay on my tippie toes, and bowl like Fred Flinstone. :)


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@JT Strickland, thanks for that feedback. I'll try to add to that post (later) that less than 10% free and issues presented with the low free RAM. :)

JT Strickland

Senior Member
After I re-read the posts, I figured you must have been talking about how much RAM was being used, not allocated, but all I had to go by was the bar graph on the GUI.

Following Butterfly Bones' lead here, mine said:

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