Media bridge mode at 5 GHz

David Arnstein

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Summary: I cannot get media bridge working on a 5 GHz WiFi network. 2.4 GHz is OK.

Media bridge is RT-AC68P with Merlin firmware 384.19 and 386.1. Problem exists in both firmwares.

Upstream router is RT-AX86U with Asus firmware connected (wired) to a cable modem.

I have tried two different 5 GHz SSIDs. The RT-AC68P (Merlin) accepts the SSID and reboots. After that, wired client can connect to the RT-AC68P for a few seconds and then becomes disconnected from the internet; client's IP address is lost.

Two different 2.4 GHz SSIDs work OK.

Is this a known problem? Would it help to go back to Asus firmware on the RT-AC68P?


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Try setting the 5Ghz to low fixed channel like 48 on the main router.

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