Meet Algo, the VPN that works

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Beautiful... so simple, I was up and running in under 20 minutes. Thanks for sharing.

Anyone know what ad blocking list it uses?


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If your goal is privacy AND you implement this well, the model works. However, if your goal is anonymity, this won't help.


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I think I may give this a whirl sometime soon. I have very little command line experience, but I looked at a step by step walkthrough and it should be a good learning experience. Thanks for sharing this it definitely piqued my interest.


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I got Algo setup and running. I just don't know how to copy the config files from the server to my local pc. Could anybody help me out with the commands to do that?

Edit: Never mind, got it off of with SCP. Just stuck on the powershell command to add the .ps1 file. And now it seems I have a Windows problem. Running the powershell command only allows the localAdmin account to use the Algo VPN. It is not visible on a Standard User Account.
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Got it all up and running surprisingly. I can’t get the client in Windows 10 to work without reducing the encryption in the registry. Otherwise it just says policy error when I try to connect. WireGuard on iOS works great.

Edit: Does anybody know if the registry entry NegotiateDH2048_AES256 matters if you set up the profile through powershell? Because I can’t get Algo to work unless I set it to 0, which from what little I can find sets the integrity check method to sha1 and is not very secure. Just curious if the Algo .ps1 file sets its own parameters for that.
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I used a guide on pcworld and somewhere else. Later tonight I’ll post.

These are what I used:

Edit: free for a year caught my eye as well. But digital ocean seemed the easiest to me. I totally bungled my way through it and learned a bit about Linux and servers along the way.

Thanks for the links. I managed to setup AlgoVPN on a Amazon Ec2 account using this guide. Everything seems to be working fine. Another site I read about Algo says to test for IPV6 leaks using When I run this on my Android phone connected to the AlgoVPN, it says I have leaks.

Anyone else running AlgoVPN on Android?


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I’m a true newbie when it comes to VPN systems so my questions might seem basic. And I’ve learned a lot over the years reading this forum.
I am pretty good usually at Google searches, however I haven’t been able to find answers to a few questions.

I downloaded the wireguard app to my iphone and it has many great configuration features. Especially the ones where you can set “on demand” and “ignore these networks”.

Before I invest the time and $ to set up a Digital Ocean account and setting up AlgoVPN, I’ve got a few questions.

1) Is there a way to get the Algo server running on DO to provide access to my home network? My main goal is to get rid of port forwarding as much as possible for 3 devices that currently have it on my home network.

2) The vpn solution has to be user friendly (read “My family doesn’t want to mess with settings”).

3) I’ve am trying out a Synology 2600AC router right now, which provides VPN server capabilities, and am having trouble getting the various VPN’s to seamlessly connect and disconnect when my iphone goes from wifi to LTE. Openvpn sort of works, but it gets hung up as soon as I’m on my home wifi network. Plus I hate having a separate ios app to deal with.

So any suggestions would be welcome. User friendly, seamless, can access my network are the main priority.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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