[Merlin 386.2-2] AiProtection - Web & Apps Filters causing lag on Google Meets

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Setup: 2xAX86U in AIMesh config, both flashed with Merlin 386.2-2, and power cycled. Clients connected using 5GHz band on the same floor

Kids are back to full online learning for the next few weeks (full province lockdown again), and today both of them experienced heavy lag during Google Meets online classes.
Both laptops have pretty stable wifi connection and not far from the router,
I did have Parental controls enabled, and it seems like AiProtection - Web & Apps Filters was the culprit - as soon as I disabled it, all lag disappeared on BOTH laptops.

1. Do you guys see the same problem?
2. Don't feel comfortable about not having filtering off; any other options?


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