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Merlin + Android + Public IP

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AX86/AX88 with latest Merlin + Samsung Galaxy S10 + Unlimited data plan with Public static IP.

Trying this setup to work as my backup link.

Samsung Galaxy S10 connected with to AX86 (or AX88) to Ethernet port with USB<>Ethernet adapter (S10 Android Ethernet Router).

[Direct USB to Phone (S10 Android USB Router) = unreliable / problematic (no go)].

"Ethernet<>USB" + "wireless charger" = seems to work without problems (Merlin WAN>Automatic IP)

One thing I need to figure is to have "public static IP" on my router working in that setup.

Is it even possible, as it seems that Galaxy S10 "becomes" router itself in "Ethernet router" mode and then we have next router connnected AX86 (double NAT)?

Could you please elaborate this : [Direct USB to Phone (S10 Android USB Router) = unreliable / problematic (no go)]
I have an old smartphone with 4G access plugged in USB 3.0 of the router (RT-87U) and this is working quite well ... (btw, the phone is a modem, and the RT-87u is the router)

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