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Merlin Firmware vs ASUS block device internet access

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Hello. RT-AC86U FW 386.9.

On the ASUS Router iOS app, I am able to block a device by selecting the icon next to the device in the app.

I can see that it is blocked in the router web GUI with Merlin firmware. Next to the device in the Internet column, it shows a red circle with a horizontal white bar. But what I can't find, is how to do that same action of blocking a device from the internet from within the Merlin FW router web interface. That is, I can block it in the iOS ASUS app and see that it is blocked in the web UI but I can't see where to do the same action, to block the device in the web UI.



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Never mind. Found it hidden away in the "client status" area. Not an intuitive area since right below the icon is a "View List" button that appears to be where you would go.

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