merlin firmware with open VPN & pi-hole - does it 'bump' the client on the vpn, to the router's WAN DNS entries?

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I ask because most discussions, including this one:

with pihole setup discussions suggest not putting the ip of the pihole to the WAN DNS 1 box, instead put it only in the LAN DNS 1,

and put instead in WAN DNS1, an ip of say an external upstream DNS. ie: or etc.

note as well, the pihole faq:

to my question, i came across this on reddit: i havent a reddit account to reply there.

i too, am behind a vpn, is it saying merlin will resolve my web browser dns requests from my pc behind my vpn, using my coded wan dns entry?
how could this be or am i reading it wrong?



i use the nice wonderful nirsoft, dnsquerysniffer utility to watch my computer's wireless interface and where my dns queries go, i see source ip is my pc, destination is my pihole ip.

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