Merlin for RT-AC68Uv2 B1


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Hi everyone,

I have an old RT-AC68Uv2 B1 version which was running some old ASUS firmware on it, a version around or even older than ASUS 378, something before the NEW FORMAT arriving around 380_3000 that changed/updated the CFE if I remember correctly. Bootloader version is - just checked.
Then it was flashed with an equally old DD-WRT version and has been abandoned for a while, it has been a few years since then...

Can someone knowledgeable please guide me through an upgrade process to get the latest Merlin on it and if there are any gotchas that I should be aware of? I guess there will be a few flashing upgrade steps before getting up to speed.

Thanks in advance!


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See this thread:


Part of the Furniture
If you decide to try my fork as the migration step, I've made a separate directory of builds I've done that have been used successfully for various models

EDIT: For future reference there are also non-fork/base Merlin builds for the AC88 and AC3100 for DD-WRT migration.
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