Merlin versus Stock on RT-AC68U

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I have read most of the posts about Merlin for 68U version. I've been using non stock firmware for years on Tp-Link routers, mostly Gargoyle. I recently upgraded to a 2nd hand 68U for a bit more performance, which I now have. 1/2 of me wants to upgrade to Merlin just because I like to play around with firmware. However, since we're all working from home, very conscious not to break the internet during Zoom calls and the like. WiFi dropouts would be a disaster. So, I understand from a wired network point of view, there is no difference between Merlin and Stock, for WiFi there seems to be a few problems with Merlin more than Stock. Correct? I could use the Custom DNS functions on Merlin but overall, it does seem like the compelling reason to switch.

The only compelling reason I could imagine is using USB tethering to my phone in case my cable internet drops out, which does happen periodically. I could not get it to work on Stock, is Merlin any better?

For a generally basic user, what are the main compelling reasons to switch? On my network I have 1 wired PC, 1 wifi PC and 1 Gaming PC (wired), plus a printer and a NAS (all wired). I'd really like to find the compelling reason to switch but it need to be rock solid. So, anyone got any great reasons to switch.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
for WiFi there seems to be a few problems with Merlin more than Stock. Correct?
There isn't. WIfi is closed source, so the code is 100% identical.

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