Solved merlinwrt ax86u issues

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this might be the same freezing issue I was having on this, but this time my swap is working so I decided to make a new thread.

So after a day of the router running it starts freezing and becoming slow and unresponsive. new devices can no longer connect (wired and wireless), while already connected devices generally work fine and ssh and the router settings page are really slow and unresponsive or just flat out don't work (this is mostly the case for ssh which makes it hard to run something like top to see what's going on)

was able to get htop running

whats mt-daapd ?

EDIT: Seems to be the iTunes server don't know why that's using so much cpu though


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Disable all third party scripts and non-standard processes, reboot and see if the problems persist.


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hmm I think the issue might be because mt-daapd is scanning my rclone mounted cloud drives. killing rclone really helped lower cpu usage so maybe. I'm not sure Ill try running the router without the rclone mounts and see.


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it still happens although it recovers after a while though so idk

joe scian

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Are you also running scribe and perhaps skynet? If so go to /opt/var/log/ and see which logs are over 20K. My skynet log was 30K and I was experiencing some delay and freezing in the web interface only. This should not affect your device connectivity though so probably is not the root cause for you. Anyway deleting logs over 20K in this directory fixed my freezing of web interface - especially skynet log.


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seems I was able to fix it have no clue how though did a factory reset and installed the scripts I need and rclone and everything is working. I'm having a separate issue with unbound though but I posted another thread for that

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