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Hey all,

my current set up is using a GT-AC5300 as my main router on the first floor, an 86U as a mesh node on the second floor and another 86U on the third floor of my home. All works well, since i like to tweak, i noticed that both the 86U are using the same 5Ghz channel as the backhaul, and the other 5Ghz of the GT-5300 is in the 36 channel range. I did notice that romming is not as smooth as it should be as clients can switch seamless from one 86U to another, but going on the first floor, they are usually still on the second floor 86U. My question is it possible to get to the setup page on both 86Us and change it to use channel 36. I know the GT5300 assigns an ip to each 86U, but as i try to log in their assigned ip, its goes right back to the GT-5300 login screen.
Any thought on trying to get both 86Us 5Ghz channel the same as the first 5Ghz channel of the GT-5300 and leave the backhaul all by itself


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You could SSH to the 86Us, but if you have no LAN backhaul they need to be on the same 5G-channel for backhaul and clients as there is no other 5G-band on the 86U.

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