Mesh Network and Powerlines


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I will be moving house and I am wanting advice on my setup.

I am 99% sold on the Asus XT8/ET8 for my mesh network but we will have an office at the bottom of the garden. I believe this will be far enough away to impact the signal from the router/node.

The office building is connected to the same power circuit as our house so could I use a powerline along side the mesh network to get internet there?

Can I add another AP to the powerline so can access wired or wirelessly?

Will there be any compatibility issues?



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I am 99% sold on the Asus XT8/ET8

Those units look good, but user's feedback/experience here on SNB is not great. Search around and you'll find many complaints. Use of powerlines is possible, but an extra point of failure. Your network is going to be dependent on power line adapters quality/stability. Not the best plan in my opinion.

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