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Mikrotik Queues Help

Discussion in 'Routers' started by delid4ve, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. delid4ve

    delid4ve Occasional Visitor

    Mar 4, 2016
    Having a little trouble with Queue setup on an RB1100AHx2.

    Interface 11 - this goes out to wan --> /31 ISP link address
    Interface 6/7/8 - these given are public routed IP addresses (/31) given to other routers
    Interface 9 - this is private LAN addressed ( which is src and dst NAT to another public IP addess

    Forget overhead for the time being, i just want to keep it simple for the answers.
    I have 40MB Up/Down connection
    From reading i should have a parent queue (assigned to interface 1) with MAX Limit set to 40M on upload and download.

    I then want to split the connection equally between the four interfaces. So i have these added and set to Limit at 10M on both up and down. I would have thought as these have a parent assigned i dont need to set the MAX limit as it gets this from its parent, however, unless i se this it wont let me save it??
    These were also left at the default PCQ upload and download.

    How do i handle the NAT connection on inteface 9? If i use PCQ then this would be per IP from the local address range wouldnt it?
    I cant find anything in the mikrotik wiki that details the General settings, ie. Target, dst
    All the other queues i just assign to the interface as its 1 public IP, but since interface 9 is going through NAT can i assign this to the Public NAT address or do i need to use Mangle rules?

    Any help on how to handle this would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks
  2. System Error Message

    System Error Message Part of the Furniture

    Oct 14, 2014
    40MB or Mb?
    Qos can work either via trees/branched method or via parallel ways. I suggest parallel for the limits (different parents). You may need to define multiple queues to achieve this with nothing shared (different que types?)

    PCQ is per connection, not per IP. For example, if you use firefox to browse a webpage, firefox could open 4 connections to the same site at the same time when you load it for faster loading. This basically means that that particular firefox tab counts as 4 clients to the PCQ.

    If you wish a per IP setting instead, use the out interface if you want it to be Per network, or just use the source as a per IP if you want it as per IP.

    If your limit is 10Mb, i suggest you set it to 9.5Mb or 9Mb to deal with overheads better.

    In mikrotik, you can identify traffic via various stages and ways. If you use mangle, you can identify the traffic when it has entered the router but not yet processed, or you can identify the traffic after it has been processed and is ready to go out an interface. You can also identify traffic within chains and processes, which may require defining additional chains (your own custom named forward chain?)