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miniupnpd HTTP peer is not from a LAN... when it is.

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Running RT-AC86U version 386.7_2

Every 30 seconds I get a log like this:
Dec 16 17:24:48 miniupnpd[2072731]: HTTP peer is not from a LAN, closing the connection

Yes, my LAN is, so it is a LAN address. No idea why it would be complaining..??

This is my Plex server running on my LAN, and I am not able to access it remotely now.... and about to go on a holiday with kids, who have LOADS of content sitting on Plex.

I recently upgraded from 384.x (I think) and had no problem with UPNP previously. Only on this newer version do I have this issue.

Any ideas??


I completely disabled UPNP and defined a single port-forwarding rule and I've resolved the issue, but it doesn't explain the problem above.

Hmm, had a few mins to look at this, and I have this line in /etc/upnp/config:

allow 1-65535 1024-65535

I believe it should be:

allow 1-65535 1024-65535

Any ideas how to make this change, and permanent??


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