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John Bennett

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Have just reconfig'd my modem/router setup, and using a Fritzbox 7490 as modem/phone/router config'd as IP xxx.xxx.xxx.001 and an Asus RT-AC68U as my 'main' router (IP xxx.xxx.xxx.002), with external drive connected, meshed with an identical 68U. Works fine for most things, but trying to use Download Master, first thing I noticed was that on the router under USB Applcations, even though it is installed, is still saying "Install", and the only way I can access it is by manually putting in the direct IP (xxx.xxx.xxx.002:8081).
If I then enter a download, Can watch it as it downloads, and connect to the SMB share and see it growing in "Incomplete"'s, but as soon as it finishes, it totally disappears! There is nothing in /Download2/Complete.
In .logs/ there is a file ( snarf_1) containing (for example):


which means nothing to me....


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You have this installed on the node?


Part of the Furniture
AiMesh node. You state you have two identical RT-AC68U routers and one is 'meshed'.

Which router are you running the download master on? The main router or the node? :)

John Bennett

Occasional Visitor
OK, so have figured out that it is saving them to the root of the USB, but can't figure how to access the root remotely...?
You can only configure access to the top level subdirectories within the interface.
....but, can access the drive through ssh (/mnt/<USB Drive>)
Any other way to access the root directory remotely through SMB?
And, is there any way to force the router to save them where they are supposed to be saved?? (ie /Download2/Complete).

EDIT: It is actually a setting under Settings>General, but have never needed to edit this previously...
Also, the Download Master is installed and working, by accessiing manually from http://<ipaddress>:8081, but in the main router interface, it is still saying "Install", and can't access from there. Never had this issue before, as have always been able to open Download Master from the main interface, after it having been installed....
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