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Missing ethctl on 380.70

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New Around Here

I have an "old" RT-N66U on merlin firmware 380.70.

I had to recently change my internet provider which resulted in getting a new modem. Now the RT-N66U is on 100 Full Duplex instead on 1 GB connected with LAN to the modem (AP Bridge Mode). I'd like to experiment and set the speed manually but I cannot find ethctl vlanctl or ethtool.

Can anyone help me ? What do I miss ?


Those are not part of the firmware. You would have to install Entware and get ethtool from there.
Thanks! This was the missing piece. Ethtool is installed but I'm still stuck at 100MB after tweaking with ethtool
It's usually a physical problem, e.g. bad cable or damaged or dirty plugs/sockets. Try a different cable.

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