mixing firmware (stock and merlin) in the same mesh network?


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is it possible to have different nodes/AP with different firmware in the same mesh network, assuming all nodes and AP are running mesh 2.0?


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Yes, possible. Anything is!

Recommended? No. At least not for AiMesh stability and performance.

AP's could care less (when not in an AiMesh setup).


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It is possible for sure. I am currently running it on one node because of issues I faced with the RT-3100 model. I have my AX88U and 68U models on merlins firmware and the 3100 on the beta version that was released today. The 3100 on Alpha 4 is having issues with AiMesh 2.0. Once that's cleared up, then I will put it back onto merlins firmware.


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In both replies above, the configuration is Base Router:Merlin and the Nodes:stock Asus.

I have tried with Base:stock Asus and Nodes:Merlin but the base router (stock Asus) failed to join the nodes (Merlin).

I will switch it around and test . Thanks for the confirmation.

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