MoCa 3.0 at 10Gb/s projected for 2022/2023

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Albeit a few months old now, I thought this article might be of interest to those who are wondering what's next for MoCa.

I would agree with the premise that multi-gig and 10-base Gig over coax will remain a relevant backbone option, abject of being able to run copper twisted pair or fiber.

What do you guys think?


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My thoughts. This is short-term excitement if it takes off in any meaningful way.

Why short-term? Because coax is not installed in any new buildings from what I have seen. For those that do have it, it is a boon of course. But those older buildings and homes will eventually be sold and fully updated and renovated sooner rather than later.

If I had a home that was MoCa compliant (and I do) but had the choice for faster, more secure, and more consistent tech, I would choose it first (and I have).

This may not be a popular view, but MoCa, like PLA's, is the last thing to consider when true networking standards and all that entails is considered.

Of course, Cable companies aren't going to give up that built-in market easily either. So lingering local pools of MoCa users and supporters may last for a decade or more.


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You're probably correct, and my thinking was more on the level of a backup option for those premises where in-wall category copper or fiber haven't yet been fitted, or cannot be for whatever reason. Certainly always better to use the real deal wherever/whenever possible. This could provide a usable-enough stop-gap, though.


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@Trip, you're too kind. I'm probably going to be proved wrong, but thanks for the gentle response. :)

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