Monitoring data usage on ASUSWRT

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New Around Here
I just bought an Asus AX56U because after looking at the supported models for the merlin mod, I was excited to see there is a builtin tool to monitor by IP. Then I saw that this does not work for models newer than AC68. Is this correct? Ive had a couple months that I noticed I almost used all my data allowed by my ISP without penalty. I want to know what device is taking my allotted monthly data. Can I accomplish this on the AX56U with the ASUSWRT merlin mod, or do I need to exchange my router for a different model?


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Traffic Analyzer is supported by both Asuswrt and Asuswrt-Merlin devices, including the RT-AX56U.


New Around Here
Sorry, I'm very new to this mod. What is the difference between traffic analyzer and traffic monitor? Like I mentioned, I am looking for a way to track each individual ip's data usage for a month. I realize I will need to save the data to usb to support the amount of logging data. Will traffic analyzer allow me to do this? And is that possible on the RT-AX56U

Wade Coxon

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Traffic Monitor is a component of Traffic Analyzer. Traffic Monitor records a total throughput for each type of connection to your router (LAN, WAN, and WiFi Radios).
The Traffic Analyzer "Statistic" is what you want to be using to see what data each client is consuming on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. it is provided as a total sum and a per-application basis.

All this is built into the factory firmware (AsusWrt) and doesn't require the Merlin variant.

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