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The router charts are (in my opinion) the best asset of this site. However, it seems to me they are somewhat incomplete. I wouldn’t think it would be that difficult for this website to set up some kind of relationship with network equipment manufacturers, to the point where they can alert you when they have new firmware revisions, hardware revisions, and new hardware products. You could expand the router charts to include (most) every router on the market. Even pitting different hardware versions of the same routers against each other to see if the upgrades are worth it, and when new firmware comes out; to update the statistics of each router to their respective new firmware revision. Yes, I know I have no idea how long it takes you guys to do a comprehensive test on a router to the point where you can throw into the chart, and I'm sure that initially, it would be a mountain of work. But if you worked at it, I think you could eventually get to the point where you could spend a couple days a month adding the new information to the charts as manufacturers make upgrades. And you could branch out from there to charts for Desktop/Server router software, Modems, Transceivers (Dial up, DSL, ISDN, Cable, etc.), different charts for unmanaged and managed switches, and what have you.

Also, It would be nice to see you guys expand from just commercial off the shelf equipment (D-Link, Linksys) to Industrial/high end brands like Nortel, Cisco, Black Box, Leviton, etc.

Am I crazy for suggesting you guys invest this much work to turn this site from a (small net) gold mine, to a gold mountain?

Oh, and I think you should combine the wired/wireless router charts.
I'd love to see more info on higher-end stuff. Especially when it comes to Cisco, Nortel, or Juniper equipment, things like nifty quick-config guides would be useful too. If you go that route, I would be happy to help put some Cisco ones together.

I won't say you're crazy, Bril. But given my experience so far, I don't think the investment in time and effort would pay off. While I agree with you that the charts are a valuable resource, and one of the most popular features on SmallNetBuilder, they haven't exactly taken the world by storm.

And my experience is that manufacturers aren't forthcoming with information about upgrades.

And why should we combine the wired and wireless charts?
Sorry, Tamarin, but coverage of enterprise grade products is not likely to happen, except perhaps for the occasional test of a lower-end "enterprise" product. SmallNetBuilder's focus will remain on small networks and equipment for it.

Cisco coverage, in particular, is unlikely. My one meeting with them a few years ago at Interop left me feeling unworthy to even touch their gear (which was, I'm sure, what was intended). Basically, the conversation went "go get Cisco certified and we might think about letting you review our stuff...".

Odd that the Linksys guys will send me whatever I want and the Cisco side won't.

Thanks for the offer of the Cisco quick config guides. Not sure how much of the SNB audience would be interested, though.
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