Most valuable/cheapest/"best" router and wireless access point (AP) recommendations


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I've done many different searches, but I cannnot find an answer to this question.

I want to buy the "best" router (wired vs wireless--I don't care) and then buy a crapload of access points (AP s) that connect to it. I don't necessarily need an ORBI or other mesh system, but I basically want a router + crapload of wireless AP's.

I have not been able to find any recommendations.

Please comment with any recomendations. Short o going with a Cisco solution, I'm open to hearing suggestions.


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See the recent posts by @Trip for recommendations most closely matching your needs.

See the link below why you don't want 'a crapload' of wireless AP's either.

Repeater mode = wireless AiMesh

And note that AiMesh, Repeater mode, and wireless APs are equivalent here.

A better way may be to describe your home network layout in detail and the network expectations you have. I'm sure better suggestions can be made then.


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@cyf - "Crap load" notwithstanding, how many are you thinking? And how much square footage do you need to cover? And can you hard-wire the APs into your network, or must you run a few (or more) wirelessly uplinked? We need more details about your network to properly recommend you a solution.

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