x3mRouting Move from AC86U to AX86U - Help Please


New Around Here
I had x3mRouting working well for several years on my old router redirecting blocked traffic to my VPN - Thanks Xentrk.

I was using method 2 and I had created an IPSET using "x3mRouting ALL 1 IPTORRENTS asnum=AS13335" and set up the IPSET in the VPN Client Window to divert to VPN.

I tried to set it up again on my new router (AX86U running 386.7_2 with amtm and x3mRouting option 2 installed) and I went through the steps as before.

View attachment 43504

When I set up the client 1 VPN page and hit apply it sticks on the apply settings page and goes no further. I have left it for hours.

View attachment 43502

"ipset -L IPTORRENTS" reports a long list of IP addesses, so that is not blank.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I may have done wrong or things to try?


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