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Moving connection from broadband modem-router to optical fibre

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New Around Here
Here the issue I am facing:
Newly renovated bungalow with 4 new wired Ethernet sockets / points. Currently ISP modem/router placed in utility room. Central heating system + alarm system control(s) also in utility room and connected directly to modem/router Ethernet ports. So far so good.

I have now upgraded my internet connection to high speed (300mb) FULL optical fibre with a different ISP. However, due to the delicate nature of optical cables which should not be bent, the new ISP installed the new ‘Linksys’ router and the separate optical fibre modem in the dining room right next to the window but fortunately also right next (5”)to an Ethernet wall socket which is currently still wired/connected to the old router in the utility room.

The issue I am facing now is how to switch from the old modem-router in the utility room to the new Linksys router in the dining room, the problem being that all the Ethernet / network wiring are running to the old system in the utility room (quite a distance from the new optical fibre installation). Could I possibly run a CAT6 Ethernet cable from the adjacent Ethernet socket to the optical fibre modem effectively using the OLD modem/router in the utility room as a switch?
If so, I then could leave all the current port connections as they are……

Hence in a nutshell, I am currently running on 2 ISPs: the old broadband router/modem with all the aforementioned devices still connected including Ethernet sockets PLUS, in addition, the NEW high-speed optical fibre Linksys installation for computers / mobiles and some smart home accessories but using only the WIRELESS function currently as all the Ethernet connections are still via the old modem/router (utility room).

Apologies for the lengthy outline and your thoughts greatly appreciated.

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