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Moving from ASUS RT-N66U, unsure which one to pick: RT-AC68U or RT-AC3200

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Looking at their specs, they are quite similar, except for 6 antennas for AC3200.
AC3200 has smart connect (another WiFi bandwidth management thing) and traffic analyzer (built-in wireshark?) while AC68U has not.
Price difference between both here is about 50€.
The question is: does +50€ prince increase warrant purchase of AC3200 over AC68?
I have 802.11ac capable devices at home.
WAN connection is 100Mbit GPON. In future i might upgrade it - besides 100Mbit ISP also offers 250 and 400.

One Con against AC3200 i see already - it is not supported by Merlin's firmware.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
One Con against AC3200 i see already - it is not supported by Merlin's firmware.

The RT-AC3200 is supported. However, being an oddball, it might not be supported for as long as the other models.

The only reason to get an RT-AC3200 is if you have a lot of devices, and need to split high-performance from slow-performance devices between separate radios. Otherwise, it's not worth it. Smart Connect isn't always 100% compatible with all clients.


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OK, so i was spot on with my suspicions about AC3200. I see that there is no reason to spend +50€ for AC3200. Thanks @RMerlin!
I only have few devices at home - 2 tablets (both 802.11ac capable), 3 phones (2 of them 2.4GHz only, other one is 802.11ac capable), 2 laptops+(ocassionaly) my work laptop - 2 of them are 802.11ac capable.
RT-AC68U will be enough then.
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