msg at drop: connection failed - password incorrect

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noah way

Regular Contributor
Here's a puzzler: Intermittent dropped connection at repeater end of 2x AC68Us. Frequency intermittent, maybe once a day or so (but I'm not on all the time).

System status on Network Map says: connection failed password not correct. After a couple of minutes it reconnects. A reboot or rescan will also reconnect.

Both routers running 386.1 FW. Computer cabled to repeater running ExpressVPN. No seemingly pertinent messages in the log on either device.

I'm grateful for any ideas to help sort this out. Thanks -


Senior Member
If you are using AiMesh's wireless backhaul, you may need to pay attention to the distance between the two routers.

Too far away will cause packet loss during the wifi handshake, which will lead to authentication failure.

And, I recommend that you update to the latest version of the firmware, because the new firmware may contain a better wireless driver. Although it cannot solve the packet loss caused by the long distance, it can solve some specific problems.

noah way

Regular Contributor
No mesh, in repeater mode. One and the same, really.

It looks to me as if ExpressVPN (running on a PC wired to the repeater) is causing the problem. Breaks in the VPN connection somehow break the repeater's connection to the router.

Diversion is running on the router.

noah way

Regular Contributor
I'm not sure if the ExpressVPN connection (running on a pc) is the cause of occassional disconnects at the repeater. The repeater (connected and functioning) reports


"Connection failed. Password is not correct." This screen shot was made from access through the primary router, and the repeater had connection to the 'net, so something funny is going on. The primary router also reports a solid connection:


Ideas, anyone? Thanks ---

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