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Multi-OS differential/incremental backup

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Hey all, I am in search of a NAS, and I am a NAS newbie so sorry if this is a stupid question.

I am looking for a 4+ bay NAS that will allow (preferably without a whole lot of work) nightly incremental or differential backups of OS X (hfs+), Windows (NTFS), Ubuntu (Ext2 & Ext3), and an always-on-external connected to the OS X (FAT32). Other features, such as easy file sharing, DLNA, LAN web site hosting (particularly something that can do Rails) would be nice, but a lack of any given non-backup feature is no deal breaker for me. Budget is a concern, but is not decided, so the cheaper the better and > $1000 is definitely out of the question.

I'm hoping for NAS that is fairly straight forward to setup the backup with, I am not afraid of command lines, scripting, coding, etc., but I do already maintain 6 personal computers and it would be nice to have a backup system work more-or-less out of the box.

Any recommendations? I'm new (obviously) to the NAS world, so if there is no such NAS, or if any old NAS meets those requirements, sorry for the stupid question!
The OS and drive format of the clients doesn't matter, the network filesystem does. All NASes support SMB/CIFS, many support AFP and some support NFS.

If you want to hack and play with the NAS, look at Synology and QNAP. Both support LAMP webserving, provide SSH root access and support rsync.

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