Multi Port 2.5Gbe Switch


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The 16-port gig switch was $70 (years ago), and I used 12 ports.
The QNAP I mentioned is a rackmount 10-port managed switch, which Amazon has significantly more expensive, than other retailers. Possibly hoping to exploit consumers like me, that suddenly have new routers and want to utilize the network speeds (i.e Amazon just listed the GT-AXE16000).
Got it. you can buy 2 switches, each switch has 8x 2.5G and 2x 10G SFP+ ports.
That is maybe the best choice.


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Is there a managed small switch supporting 2,5g and 5g with LA?
ea. a firewall who can do LA (2x1g) to such a switch who get's 5g pushed from an ONT by splitting 5g over 2 ports linking the firewall via LA and 2 wan ports (and obviously does LA on 2 LAN ports).


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I have a netgate appliance which I tested with 3x LA on WAN and 3x LA on LAN, this works, I don''t want to replace it with a 10g model as the whole chain supports LA here. I can get 5g from an ONT (pushed) which is on one cable, I need to split that in to more then 1 channel (hence LA), 1 LA (2g) is enough, hence looking for a 2,5g/5g switch doing LA. (5g on one port from ONT and 2 other ports as LA to netgate)

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As the parts to my 2.5Gbe LAN upgrade have begun to arrive, I only now looked at the recent expenditures:
$400 GT-AX6000
$220 (two) QSW-1105-5T
$180 (six) 2.5Gbe USB adapters
$65 Tripp Lite PDU

Looking at the additional "upgrades" I would like to make to my network (adding poe cameras), so I am looking at QSW-M2116P-2T2S instead of two QSW-M210BR-2C

In my Elmer Fudd voice " shhhhh, I'm being verrry verrry quiet, about these upgrade cost, around The Wife"

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