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Multi-Router - Multi-LAN network help please!


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Hello everybody,
I have a relatively complex network building in progress, and I would like some help from the experienced networking people here!
It's a three story building.
I have two VDSL2 connections coming in with their according modem/routers, a Cisco dual wan load balancing router set up to split the load according to two IP ranges ( IP Range 1 goes to Network #1 first + 2nd floor, IP Range 2 goes to Network #2 on the third floor ).
The first and 2nd floor are served by a wireless router, the Asus RT-AX88U specifically, and the 3rd floor by another RT-AX88U.

What I want to achieve is have the PCs on the 1st/2nd floor on the RT-AX88U with the 192.168.0.xxx network to have local area network access to the PCs on the 3rd floor on the 2nd RT-AX88U with the 192.168.2.xxx network as if they were on the same subnet.
I also want to have access to all routers ( Cisco, ISP ModemRouter #1, ISP ModemRouter #2, Asus Router #1, Asus Router #2 ) from everywhere.

I take it I need to specify Static Routes on every router ?
How ? and what to enter ?

Thank you very much!!!


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Seems like to me it kind of works if the router on the right is the 1st and second floor. You need 2 static routes or a superscope for both RT-AX88 routers on the Cisco router. You will also need a static route on the 3rd floor router pointing to the 1st and second floor router.

If it was me I would try to run both RT-AX88 router's WAN ports from the Cisco router and turn off the firewalls in the ASUS routers. Then I would add ACLs, access control lists on the Cisco router to block access to to 1st and second floor from 3rd floor. You would need a static route from the Cisco for each ASUS router.

I assume you are going to control the wireless so they don't cross floors.

This can be done much better if you use wireless APs which support VLANs. Then when people from third floor walk down to 1st floor they will still be in their 3rd floor VLAN because you will broadcast 2 SSIDs across all wireless APs which will lock 3rd floor into 1 VLAN and 1st and second floor into another VLAN since they need to be separated.

Personally I think you are in over your head on networking here. I hope you don't get sued.

I would use the Cisco router and a Cisco layer 3 switch with as many Cisco wireless APs as needed.
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I'm not looking into security or wifi coverage, everything is alright already, I need nothing but the freaking Static Routes to be configured so any PC can access any PC via LAN and be able to access the routers web interface and telnet via any PC on the network.

The communication between the networks is my only problem.
And the static route settings in the Asus doesn't make sense to me.


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If you run the network without security then it may work but the equipment you are trying to use is not built to work with a small business and it's problems.

I gave you how the static routes should be setup on each router. You just need to add the IPs. The only router which does not need a static route is the router which does not have a router connected on the LAN port. It would be simpler if you labeled the routers like 1,2 and 3.

There is not going to be any PPPOE relay that I can see from the Cisco to the ASUS routers. PPPOE is not your network.
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I'm using PPPoE on the Asus routers in order to use the advanced features such as DDNS Built-in, OpenVPN, etc.
Routers have names ( edit: just noticed that I didn't mark all of them! Cisco top #1, left Asus #2, right Asus #3 ), check the text inside the boxes in the diagram picture.

I have the network security down just fine. Everything is as secure as I wish.

Problem is the Static Routes do not seem to work.
At a specific moment I had inter-network communication, TeamViewer would connect via LAN ( IP ), but not via computer name, like LAN Name Resolution wasn't working.
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