Multiple Ethernet Driver Frame Padding Information Disclosure (Etherleak)

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I ran Nessus against my Asus Router Running Merlin version 384.18 (28-June-2020)

Good news! No major Vulnerabilities. Just this one marked Low. It's an old bug disclosed back in 2003. Might be a false positive but the output did show that ICMP packets are padded with random data instead of NUL characters like they should be.

Not sure if there is anything to be done about it. Is the NIC driver a blob supplied by ASUS? Is it something we can update?

The remote host uses a network device driver that pads ethernet frames with data which vary from one packet to another, likely taken from kernel memory, system memory allocated to the device driver, or a hardware buffer on its network interface card.

Known as 'Etherleak', this information disclosure vulnerability may allow an attacker to collect sensitive information from the affected host provided he is on the same physical subnet as that host.
Contact the network device driver's vendor for a fix.
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What model router? Were you testing from inside or outside of your LAN?

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